All that dark energy makes your imagination draw alternating scenes. It grows increasingly. Terrors and sorrows are revived and chained up. Whistles of the lash and deafening flat sound impacts on the flesh out of nowhere. Bodies are thrown from side to side and they are torn apart. Whose feelings are so intense, will feel like how choking on the flames and feel the harsh words marshaling in your mind and thoughts will get confused, maybe panic and despair will cover after. Understanding of long term effects of deliberate severe depletion with dread: harsh clash and snarl of the monster creatures’ voices, coming from grilles, are sounded melodious and seem almost menacing where the feeling of fear and tension and anxiety only intensify. Only humility. Everything happens with a complete numbness, like an animal in a moment of fear at the slaughterhouse. When awake it is still dark and all foggy, like the brain’s shutting down.

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